ArchiScan - Photogrammetry & Architecture Infotop - Topography & Informatics Zyklon B - Holocaust Infrastructure protected monumental constructions and landscapes (January 1999) city Eupen in Belgium What is Photogrammetry - why using it in Architecture? Archeological water castle from the XV century, named "Vlattenhaus", city Eynatten in Belgium Old monastery from the XIIIX-XIX century, city Bad Münstereifel in Germany Little rural chapel, city Membach in Belgium Great middle age house "Lionheart", "Löwenstein" in german language, city Aachen in Germany House from the XIIX century "Grenz-Echo", city Eupen in Belgium Scool from the XIIX century "Saint Clara", "Ecole Sainte Claire" in french language, city Verviers in Belgium Section of renovated street facades, place "Werthplatz", city Eupen in Belgium Chapel "Saint Lambertus", or named "Werthkapelle" in german language, place "Wertplatz", city Eupen in Belgium Left spire of the church "Saint Nikolaus", city Eupen in Belgium Project lucerne-by-byte in Lucerne / Switzerland. With a population of about 180,000, the Lucerne metropolitan area is the sixth largest in Switzerland Project museum "Gospert 52", monument protection 25/03/1983 in Eupen in Belgium Direct link to the Photogrammetry Software PhotoModeler PreDim statics - for Architects from Architect Marian Reguli - Internet Art Gallery Fonte do Anho (mysticism Tibaes) Fonte do Ķdolo Foz Cōa (prehistoric rock) Muralha Medieval do Castelo de Gaia (medieval wall) Arcaz Tumular de Rio Covo Sta Eugenia (coffin) Fontes Esca Parq Ponte Mosteiro de Tibćes / Jardim de S. Joćo (Monastery of Tibćes) UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation architecture office Hess architecture projects 3D architecture measurement
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